If you don’t need a full design, or are a DIYer but need just a bit of help, my consultation services are perfect for you!

After an initial phone conversation, we will meet at your site and discuss your needs. I will then provide you with a written assessment and, if needed, a general, not-to-scale concept drawing.

My consultation sessions can help you:  

  • Learn the best way to layout your garden and homestead features
  • Make the best use of your space
  • Work around existing features
  • Save time and money by establishing a logical project timeline
  • Determine the right plant for the right place

Consultation Package: $150 and up

Contact me today to talk about how I can help you achieve the landscape of your dreams!

What Others Are Saying:

I really enjoyed meeting with Melissa. She was a great listener and had many productive ideas about how I might use my tiny yard areas in a more thoughtful way. She looked at the orientation and surrounding influences (plants, neighbors, water sources, etc.), provided plant suggestions and more. I came away with new energy and plans for my space to include chickens!  – Michelle, Santa Rosa